Unlock Your True Artistic Potential And Gain
Superior Fluid Painting Skills With...


Online Course by Olga Soby

Unlock Your True Artistic Potential and Gain Superior Fluid Painting Skills with 

Fluid Art Mastery 

Online Course by Olga Soby

For A Limited Time Only $179


Learn Proven Methodology and Industry-Leading Formula used by Thousands of Artist Worldwide to Easily Make Gorgeous Art and Unlock True Artistic Potential

Here’s A Sample Of What You Will Learn Inside

  • Olga’s Secret Pouring Medium Recipe she spent over two years and thousands of dollars perfecting (this will revolutionize your fluid art with spectacular success)
  • How to achieve the perfect cell formations every time with fantastic precision (hint: it doesn’t require adding Floetrol or Silicone oil)
  • Why your painting has cracks and crazing when it drys and the simple hack to prevent it (finally put an end to this common disheartening problem once and for all)
  • How to achieve the correct consistency with all your colors in minutes and avoid the frustration of your paint not flowing evenly, and other problems with blow dryer techniques
  • Why your colors are sinking into the base and how to prevent it so you don’t ruin your work
  • Breathtaking layering methods for popular fluid art techniques that give stunning cells with surprising simplicity. And so much more!

"Absolutely everything in this course has inspired me to not give up! I was so frustrated that sometimes my paintings come out beautiful with no flaws, and other times they are a mess! Olga, you have addressed each thing I needed to understand in order to achieve my painting goals. I especially like learning how to layer the colors, #1 & #2; It makes so much sense. You delivered each lesson in a concise, very informative, and very positive way. Your joy of painting and sharing your passion for art shines through in everything you do. Thank you for creating this course!"

- Amy C. - 

Remove the Guesswork and Start Your Transformative and Artistic Journey with Proven Methods that Work EVERY TIME!

Even if You are New to Fluid Art or are not Confident in Your Artistic Skills … but Have the Desire to Express Yourself.


Remove the Guesswork and Start Your Transformative and Artistic Journey with Proven Methods that Work EVERY TIME!

Even if You are New to Fluid Art or are not Confident in Your Artistic Skills … but Have the Desire to Express Yourself.


Olga Soby

Olga Soby is an internationally recognized contemporary artist based in Canada with roots going back to Ukraine. She specializes in fluid media and considers herself an unconventional artist – instead of regular brushes, she uses water, fire, airflow, and gravity as her tools for achieving the most unique effects in her art.

Her works find homes in private collections around the world. She joyfully shares her painting process with over 1.5+ million audience teaching, inspiring, and encouraging aspiring artists from all over the globe.

And in this course, she is finally ready to share the secrets of her mastery with the world! 

Acrylic Pouring Online Course -
Youtube Olga Soby Acrylic Pouring Art Channel

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Youtube Olga Soby Acrylic Pouring Art Channel


Youtube Olga Soby Acrylic Pouring Art Channel


You’ll Love How Secret Recipe For Fluid Art Success Is Delivered In 7 Easy-To-Follow Step-By-Step Modules


Acrylic Paint - Must-Know Properties, Brands, and Two Groups of Colors

We start by understanding Acrylic Paint Composition, how it affects paint mixing, and the drying process. Here you will learn: 

  • The science behind the 4 core ingredients of paint with Olga explaining it in an easy-to-understand manner
  • The different Viscosity, Lightfastness, Opacity & Transparency, and Paint Grades available and how to choose the correct paints to achieve your desired outcome
  • Why mixing with water only can lead to crazing and cracking when the paint dries, causing disappointment and heartache, and how to avoid it
  • In-depth knowledge of how to read paint labels so you can find the best paints for your artistic needs
  • Olga’s extensive list of her favorite acrylic paint brands that won’t break your budget
Acrylic Pouring Online Course -

"Olga! This course was wonderful! What I learned the most was your paint groups, pouring medium and measurements. I absolutely loved this course and cannot wait to begin experimenting. Thank you so much for all the great information."

- Linda - 


Mixing Supplies and Pouring Tools for Success

Now that you have an understanding of the paint you will be using, let's take a look at other materials you'll need.

Acrylic Pouring Online Course -

The next step is to choose the right tools and accessories so you have everything you need to create your next masterpiece. In this module you will learn: 

  • Valuable insight on how to prepare your canvas for acrylic pouring techniques
  • The best supplies for mixing and storing your fluid acrylics
  • Olga’s recommendations on the blow dryer and concentrator brands, open cups, funnels, brushes, and so much more

"Hi Olga, thank you for turning my world of painting in 180 degrees. After seeing 100s of YouTube videos from other artists, this course gave me more understanding of the basics. You have to learn them in order to move on. Thank you for sharing your experience."

- Kathy K. - 


Soby Pouring Medium Recipe - What. Why. How.

Revealed for the first time to the world is Olga’s secret Soby Pouring Medium Recipe. Say goodbye to guessing your measurements and unpredictable outcomes. Olga spent over two years perfecting this recipe, conducting hundreds of experiments to finally ‘crack the code’ to consistently achieve stunning results. In this module, you will discover: 

  • The 3 secret ingredients Olga uses in her unique recipe to deliver awe-inspiring results … every time
  • Olga’s easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions detailing how to mix the Soby Pouring Medium precisely using the “measure by weight” method
  • When to use and when not to use tap water in your recipe
  • Why the Soby Pouring Medium Recipe will improve the adhesion, and binding properties, and give your painting a better cell reaction
  • Olga’s foolproof ratio mixing for consistent results
  • Links to the Soby Pouring Medium Recipe ingredients and supplies Olga uses
  • Plus an extensive list of the ingredients not to use if you want to emulate Olga’s style and results
Acrylic Pouring Online Course -

"Hi Olga, what an amazing difference your secret recipe has made for me! I did 3 paintings yesterday; they are all vibrant with color, the compositions were so much easier than I had ever done before - they flowed so beautifully! Thank you so much, this has taken me to a whole different level! With dependable results!!!"

- Tammy A. - 


Consistency and How to Get It Perfect Every Time

In order to create beautiful fluid art, your colors need to have the right consistency. 

Acrylic Pouring Online Course -

This is a critical and often underrated step in the creation of your fluid art success. Knowing how to create your desired consistency is the key. In this module you will learn the following: 

  • How to achieve the same fluid paint consistency for all your colors every time you paint
  • The consistency gold standard that Olga developed and always uses to create her beautiful fluid art
  • 7 success tips for using Olga’s drip test sheet properly (which we give you to download for free)

"Hi! I am beyond thrilled to finally have taken this course, Olga! Your course is incredibly well-structured, detailed, and informative. I have learned so much already, and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us. One thing I really appreciate about your recipe is that it is given with exact measurements. This makes it so much easier to follow along and ensure that I am getting the right consistency for my paints."

- Riitu - 


Let's Mix! Mixing Paint with New Recipe Step-by-Step

Now it’s time to mix your paint with the Soby Pouring Medium Recipe to achieve your desired consistency. This exciting module shows you: 

  • How to mix your acrylic paints with unique Soby Pouring Mediums to achieve magnificent results and the perfect consistency
  • Olga’s secret to removing all the air bubbles from the paint before commencing to paint
  • Insider tips for using the last bit of paint in a container so it doesn’t get wasted
  • Olga’s secret 2-minute hack to thicken your paint if it is too fluid
  • Professional insights and tips on how to store and extend the shelf life of your premixed acrylics
  • Your paint-mixing questions answered
Acrylic Pouring Online Course -

"Olga thank you so much for this course. I’ve struggled with recipes, and cells, and there are hundreds of ways to mix paint. I can’t wait to use your mix #1 and mix #2 technique. I’ve been pouring art for almost 4 years now and I can say you have helped me understand the formulas and why you mix them and so on. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge."

- Robin - 


Cells and Layering Secrets

Here we uncover Olga’s secrets to creating exquisite cellular patterns that add depth and visual intrigue to captivate the imagination. Here you will discover: 

Acrylic Pouring Online Course -
  • The science behind acrylic pouring cells and how to use it to create elegant visual contrasts in your art
  • Why Olga doesn’t personally use Floetrol or Silicone oil and what she prefers instead to produce consistent, predictable, and archival results
  • Simple technique Olga uses to create beautiful cells anywhere in your painting and achieve the effects your desire
  • Olga's new Two-Group layering method which is the core principle to achieving breathtaking cell reactions in your fluid art
  • How Soby Pouring Medium and Layering Method can help you avoid cell reaction if you don’t want it in your artwork
  • Olga’s secret to avoiding the common problem of your colors sinking into your base

"By taking this course, I am finally able to achieve the effects I have wanted in my artwork. Tons of beautiful cells in just the places I wanted them! The colors are blending so beautiful now and I can't Thank you enough for being an outstanding teacher and guide to fluid art for me. You truly have a gift and thanks for sharing it!"

- Shirley H. - 


Acrylic Pouring Techniques - Examples Of Layering

Olga demonstrates how to replicate her Two-Group layering method using specific pouring techniques to transform your blank canvas into a gorgeous work of art. You will learn the following: 

  • How to master the Blowout (Dutch Pour) technique Olga is famous for so you can create similar pieces with theatrical flair
  • Olga’s signature Dancing Flow technique and how to add it to your artistic repertoire for stunning results
  • How to use the magic of the Open Cup technique to create a vivid display of enchanting cells throughout your art
  • The secret to creating an endless ribbon of cells traveling through your art using the Dirty Pour technique
  • How to decipher Olga’s special paint color ‘language’ she uses in her YouTube videos to further your fluid art education
Acrylic Pouring Online Course -

"Thank you Olga for sharing your knowledge!! I must say you gave a lot of valuable information. Learning about the densities and layering was particularly interesting. Now I understand why I got some of the results in my art. Simply put... my colors were layered wrong!! I encourage anyone with an interest in fluid art to take all of your courses. All of them have taught me so much and your presentation is so easy to follow. You truly are mesmerizing to watch and really stimulate my mind to really go for it. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me the courage to press on. Thank you from the bottom of my heART. ❤ "

- Shelley - 

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HOT Tips and FAQs

Get access to even more helpful pouring insights, cleaning tips, and recommendations from Olga + the most popular questions answered. 

Olga’s Platinum Clients Happily Invest 5-Figure Sums To Learn Her Secrets In A One-On-One Studio… 
But You Have The Opportunity To Master Them Today For A Mere Fraction Of What They Pay

Discover How To Paint Like Olga For Only $179 (Limited Time Price)


Olga’s Platinum Clients Happily Invest 5-Figure Sums To Learn Her Secrets In A One-On-One Studio…

But You Have The Opportunity To Master Them Today For A Mere Fraction Of What They Pay

Discover How To Paint Like Olga For Only
$179 (Limited Time Offer)


"This course is the best thing I have done!!! I am VERY new to acrylic paint pouring and I have loved loved loved your style from the first video I watched!!! Beautiful vibrant colors and flowing “petals” or “flowers” and cells concentrated more in the middle! I feel so blessed to learn how to do it myself! So…first step was buying paints last week, as well as new pouring medium ingredients…I got my shipment in this afternoon and I have started mixing paints!!!! Wooohoooo!!! I LOVE all the colors I got and am having a difficult time deciding what to mix….so I am doing A LOT of mixing! Hahaha!! I can't wait to paint!!!"

- Leette D. - 

Secret Recipe For Fluid Art Success Is For You If …

Acrylic Pouring Online Course -
  • You want to learn how to create majestic fluid art like Olga, but your self-doubt of not being “talented enough” has held you back
  • You currently paint using fluid art techniques, but your results don’t come out as you planned or are inconsistent, and you want to improve that
  • You want to know how to intentionally create beautiful cells in the areas you desire and not have it occur at random 
  • You want to stop wasting canvases and paint and start saving money by producing art you can be proud of
  • You have tried many pouring medium recipes in the past that didn’t work, and you just want to find one that is proven to work and isn’t expensive and complicated
  • You live a busy lifestyle and want a relaxing hobby to release your creative side and self-expression
  • You love Olga’s art and would like an inexpensive course that shows you step by step in detail her secrets and techniques
  • You have watched and enjoyed many of Olga’s free videos and now are ready to create your own masterpieces by learning her secrets and following her instructions

Learn How To Paint Like Olga.
Enroll in the Fluid Art Mastery Online Course Today!

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Receive Immediate Access To

  • Olga's secret new Soby Pouring Medium Recipe for consistent stunning results
  • Step-by-step tutorials on Olga’s favorite pouring techniques so you can quickly master them
  • Secrets of achieving beautiful cells and lacing with Olga’s simple layering method
  • Proven methodology for achieving perfect consistency every time
  • Olga’s recommendations on best paint brands and supplies 
  • 24/7 access to all the course materials

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