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Enroll Today And Learn 7 Advanced Techniques To Embellish Your Painting With Gold For A Stunning Visual Experience And A “WOW” Effect

The Golden Embellishment Mastery Course Is Suitable For Intermediate And Beginner Artists Who Want To Elevate Their Unique Style So Their Paintings Stand Out Online, In A Gallery, And In The Home

Here Are 9 Reasons Why You’ll Love Adding Golden Embellishment To Your Artworks 

  • Reason #1. Enhance specific elements of your painting for visual delight and stunning contrast that will get people commenting and intrigued to see more of your art
  • Reason #2. Give your painting a contemporary chic appearance with a little extra touch of beauty for an enriching artistic experience that’s guaranteed to impress
  • Reason #3Gold has always been associated with luxury and wealth dating back to Cleopatra, the Pharaohs, and beyond. Adding gold embellishments to your painting creates a perceived increase in monetary value if you want to sell your artwork to an astute buyer
  • Reason #4Add a touch of luxurious finesse buyers crave when they want a statement piece for their home, office, or private gallery
  • Reason #5Gold helps you emphasize your unique style for instant recognition online and brand awareness - especially on social media
  • Reason #6Add that little splash of extravagance to complete your artwork when it feels something is missing to bring it to life
  • Reason #7It gives your painting a new dimension with intricate complexities when light reflects off the gold compared to acrylics alone
  • Reason #8It broadens your skill set and opens your mind to new ideas and possibilities to inspire you to continue your journey to artistic success
  • Reason #9Gold is very versatile and can be used with most colors to create new textures and vibrancy in your painting, adding depth and contrast to light or dark elements for visual delight

In This Brand New And Exciting Course, Olga Teaches You 7 Different Golden Embellishment Techniques As She Applies Them To Her Paintings With Instructional Commentary!

Each Technique Is Thoroughly Explained And Demonstrated In Step-By-Step Tutorials To Help You Decide Which Techniques Are Suitable For You and Your Style


Mirror Effect Gold Leaf

The first technique Olga demonstrates is the Mirror Effect Gold Leaf. This technique is a favorite because it is easy to use with minimal waste although there are a couple of cons to be aware of. In this lesson you will learn: 

  • The simplified way to apply your Mirror Effect Gold Leaf onto your painting using a fluid Gilding Paste
  • How to use Mirror Effect Gold Leaf to enhance certain elements of your completed acrylic painting like cells and lacing so they “pop” off the substrate
  • Why the easy-to-use application with no mess and minimal waste makes this Olga’s preferred gold leaf
  • Olga’s tips to keep all your elements in balance so the Mirror Effect Gold Leaf doesn’t overpower and dominate your painting 
  • Step-by-step demo of how to apply this gold to a real painting for stunning results 
Acrylic Pouring Online Course - "Secret Recipe for Fluid Art Success" by Olga Soby - Acrylic Pouring Medium Recipe

"Olga! I was initially hesitant about using additional gold in my poured paintings, I thought it would be too much, but this course changed that completely. The Mirror Leaf technique was particularly interesting and incredibly effective. It's amazing how a few simple steps transformed my fluid artwork. This course has definitely opened up new avenues for my ideas."

- Emily R.- 


Textured Gilding Paste + Gold Leaf

In lesson number two we explore Textured Gilding Paste and how to apply it using the same gold leaf as in lesson number one so you can see the comparison. Here you will learn:

Acrylic Pouring Online Course - "Secret Recipe for Fluid Art Success" by Olga Soby - Acrylic Pouring Medium Recipe
  • Why using this type of Gilding Paste when applying Mirror Effect Gold Leaf embellishments is Olga’s preferred choice
  • When and how to use different gilding paste options to create your desired effect
  • The difference between a Textured Gilding Paste and a Fluid Gilding Paste so you know what to expect with the final result
  • Tips for using a brush to shape your lines and get the best results with this gilding paste
  • Step-by-step demo of how to apply this gold to a real painting for stunning results

"Before this course, I had never even heard of Relief Paste. All the techniques were amazing, but the one with the relief paste was a discovery for me. Learning to use it alongside gold leaf was perfect, and the effects it created in my work were nothing short of stunning. WOW! Thank you, Olga!"

- Lucas B. - 


Regular Gold Leaf

In this lesson, Olga demonstrates the more traditional gold leaf option and explains the significant differences between the Regular Gold Leaf and other gold types. You will discover:

  • How to effectively use Regular Gold Leaf while being aware of its fragility and sensitivity to touch
  • Tips for handling Regular Gold Leaf to prevent it from tearing and ripping apart during application 
  • The secret to removing small pieces of unwanted leaf from your painting without harming the acrylic
  • How to maximize each sheet of Regular Gold Leaf and minimize wastage
  • Olga’s insider tip for deciding which shades of gold to use on your painting to enhance the color palette
  • Step-by-step demo of how to apply this gold to a real painting for stunning results
Acrylic Pouring Online Course - "Secret Recipe for Fluid Art Success" by Olga Soby - Acrylic Pouring Medium Recipe

"The step-by-step demonstrations of how you add it to your paintings made it so easy to follow along. I'm now much more confident in applying gold leaf to my artworks. And thank you for the cleanup tips!"

- Amirah K. - 


Liquid Gilding Gold

In lesson four we move away from using Gold Leaf and take a look at the fabulous Liquid Gilding Gold. This product is a combination of metal powder suspended in clear lacquer so it can be applied with a brush the same way as you would apply inks or low-viscosity paint. Here you will learn:

Acrylic Pouring Online Course - "Secret Recipe for Fluid Art Success" by Olga Soby - Acrylic Pouring Medium Recipe
  • The main differences between Liquid Gilding Gold products and Gold Leaf to help you decide which will be more suitable for you
  • Olga’s recommended safety and protection when using this product because of its chemical composition
  • When to consider using Liquid Gilding Gold over Gold Leaf products and why
  • How to use Liquid Gilding Gold to enhance your painting on a heavily textured artwork and a traditional fluid painting for stunning results

"The liquid gilding section was fascinating! It added a whole new dimension to my pours. The results are absolutely gorgeous. Now I can't wait to try it with my textured paintings as well!"

- Jason T. - 


Liquid Leaf

Here you’ll learn about another Liquid Gold product called Liquid Leaf. This product's final result is very similar to Gold Leaf but as the name suggests, in liquid form. Discover for yourself:

  • Unique features of Liquid Leaf and what makes it so popular among pro artists
  • The extra safety precautions to take when using this product because of the chemical ingredients
  • Why this is a fantastic alternative to Gold Leaf if you want a bright, shiny, golden finish

  • How to apply Liquid Leaf to a real painting to draw the focus to certain elements and add a splash of extravagance to your artwork

Acrylic Pouring Online Course - "Secret Recipe for Fluid Art Success" by Olga Soby

"I was curious about Liquid Leaf, and this lesson did not disappoint. The safety tips were much appreciated, as well as application technique. It's amazing how such a small change can make a huge difference in the final look of a painting. My customers love the vibrant gold accents it adds."

- Anna L. - 


Leafing Pen

In lesson six, Olga shows you another option to consider when adding gold embellishments to your painting, and that is with a gold marker. In Olga’s experience, this brand of Leafing Pen is the best on the market. Join Olga to discover:

Acrylic Pouring Online Course - "Secret Recipe for Fluid Art Success" by Olga Soby
  • When and how to use this Leafing Pen to add gold embellishments to your painting
  • The simple technique of creating thick & thin lines to draw focus on specific areas of your artwork
  • The reasons why this is Olga’s preferred pen and why you’ll love it too
  • How to use the pen to create an illusion of dimension in your painting
  • Step-by-step demo of how to apply this gold to a real painting for stunning results

"I never thought a simple golden marker could have such an impact. I love learning how to add fine details to create accents in my painting, and this pen is so easy to use! I can't wait to use it the next time we have a painting night with my granddaughter!"

- Erin K. - 


Golden Acrylic Paint

If you want to simply use gold paint to enhance your artwork, this lesson is for you! Olga demonstrates her favorite Golden Acrylic Paint and the most amazing way to use it. Here, you will learn:

  • Which gold paint to use to enhance your artwork and give it a bit of opulence
  • A very helpful artistic tool Olga likes to use to create a dramatic effect that you might want to incorporate into your own style
  • Olga’s go-to tool for effectively masking out even the finest parts of her artwork during the embellishment
  • Get new ideas and inspirations as you watch Olga transform one of her paintings by adding a large textured golden embellishment to create a dramatic 3d effect
Acrylic Pouring Online Course - "Secret Recipe for Fluid Art Success" by Olga Soby

"Olga, I loved all the techniques that you showed in this course, but the embellishment with acrylic paint was a standout for me. Learning about embellishment and masking techniques and the dramatic effects I could achieve was incredibly inspiring. It's changed the way I approach my fluid paintings, now my creativity won't stop at pouring techniques only. Thank you!"

- Rachel P. - 

Learn The Secrets To Adding Golden Chic To Your Paintings By Enrolling In This Brand New Course Today


Olga Soby

Olga Soby is an internationally recognized contemporary artist based in Canada with roots going back to Ukraine. She specializes in fluid media and considers herself an unconventional artist – instead of regular brushes, she uses water, fire, airflow, and gravity as her tools for achieving the most unique effects in her art.

Her works find homes in private collections around the world. She joyfully shares her painting process with over 1.5+ million audience teaching, inspiring, and encouraging aspiring artists from all over the globe.

And in this course, she is finally ready to share the secrets of her mastery with the world! 

Acrylic Pouring Online Course - "Secret Recipe for Fluid Art Success" by Olga Soby - Acrylic Pouring Medium Recipe
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